[Twisted-Python] patch for background processing (delay 0)

Bill la Forge laforge49 at yahoo.co.in
Wed May 19 00:53:49 EDT 2004

You're quite welcome. I just hope it passes the regression tests!
I did manage, finally, to download cygwin. (Been a few years since I've 
used it.) Here in India, bandwidth depends on a lot more than the dialup 
connection. ;-) (Though things have improved greatly in the last few 
As for speed, I still suspect that heapq may be faster than insort. I know 
there's a few places in the code base where the last element is 
inspected (timeout method comes to mind) that would need to be 
changed to the first element. 
And, of course, Heapq is mising the remove method (I've since coded it).
But then there's the resetter method... might be impacted and I can't 
figure it out. ;-(

Jp Calderone <exarkun at divmod.com> wrote:
Thanks for the contribution :) By the way, for a slightly less hefty 
download than cygwin, check out http://unxutils.sourceforge.net/ (kindly 
pointed out by bear in #twisted). It includes a Windows-native diff tool.


Bill la Forge
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