[Twisted-Python] patch for background processing (delay 0)

Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at divmod.com
Wed May 19 00:17:01 EDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-05-19 at 00:03, Bill la Forge wrote:
> I do hereby consigne all copyrights for this patch to Glyph, as
> required 
> by Twisted: http://www.twistedmatrix.com/developers/contributing
> Appologies for not using diff, but I am not yet able to download the 
> cygwin package. (perhaps Sunday bandwidth here will be better!)

Thanks for sending it on soon anyway, and thanks for reading the
contribution guidelines.  Good luck with downloading cygwin!  I will try
to test and apply this over the weekend if nobody else does it sooner.

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