[Twisted-Python] How do I run a twisted server directly

Alexander May alex-news at comcast.net
Fri May 14 20:31:53 EDT 2004

Oops, thanks.  Any hope debugging in my IDE instead of pdb?

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Alexander May wrote:
> Also, I ran twistd.py and got "Please use twistw on windows, not twistd"
> (I'm on windows sometimes).  I then ran twistw.py and nothing 
> happened.  I looked at the file, and there were only class and 
> function definitions.  I added "run()" at the end of the file and it 
> seems to work.  I'm using the version 1.2.0 which was marked as 
> "Twisted Stable Release" on the download page.

You should be calling C:\Python23\scripts\twistd (or something like that),
not Lib\twisted\scripts\twistd.py. When you install the windows package for
Twisted, there should be a start menu item that runs a shell with a properly
set up environment so you can just type "twistd" or "mktap" and so on and
it'll DTRT.

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