[Twisted-Python] Local IP and factory shutdown

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Wed Jun 23 11:07:46 EDT 2004

Gill, Mandeep wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm in the process of finishing a multicasting RTP streaming media 
> server and client in Twisted but have encountered several issues that I 
> can't figure out,

Neat. Note that shtoom (shtoom.divmod.org) also has an RTP
implementation in Twisted - if you're planning to release your
code, there may be stuff we can borrow from each other.

> Firstly, Is there any way to determine your own IP address from with 
> Twisted, I've looked around everywhere and can't find away to achieve 
> this except by setting up a loopback connection and reading it from the 
> transport - but that only gives Is there any way to determine 
> all available local IPs?

One trick I do in shtoom is put in a ConnectedUDP to the other end, then
read the local address off that. It's ugly, but gives me the IP of the
local interface that's being used for this connection. You could also
use STUN for this, of course. But that won't give you _all_ interfaces.

I don't believe that this is possible in a portable way.

> Oh yeah, there seem to be a few bugs in the current wxreactor support, 
> most notably with any custom dialog boxes - the OK/Cancel return doesn't 
> seem to be processed on time and causes a wxDateTime assertion error, 
> does it work for anyone else?

Neither wxsupport or wxreactor are suitable for heavy lifting. wxsupport
blocks whenever wx spawns a sub-event-loop (for dialogs, menus, and the
like) and wxreactor can give no better than the wxTimer's granularity.
The wx docs promise "no worse than 1s" granularity. On Linux, it doesn't
seem to be a problem. On Windows, tho, you're boned.

Run the wx mainloop in your main thread, and spawn a second thread to
run the twisted event loop. You then use callFromThread() to pass things
to the twisted event loop, and you can make your own shim to pass stuff
back to the wx event loop. Again, shtoom has this code, in
shtoom/ui/wxui/ (thanks to Andy Hird for writing this).


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