[Twisted-Python] Refactoring of trial - call for feature requests and suggestions

Christopher Armstrong radix at twistedmatrix.com
Tue Jun 15 12:26:00 EDT 2004

Brian Warner wrote:
>>What's the point of this, exactly? How would you assert things about the
>>result of the Deferred? I've been using the functions in twisted.trial.util
>>for a while to deal with Deferreds in my tests, and it seems rather nice.
> I assume the Deferred that comes back from the test case would merely be
> expected to fire the callback successfully, and the value passed to that
> callback would be ignored. Any result-checking would be done in chained
> callbacks that fired beforehand.
> The Deferred would just be to tell trial that it should spin the reactor
> until the test completes. Oh, a feature request: please spin the reactor
> gently.. use iterate(0.01) instead of iterate(), to avoid spamming the CPU on
> tests that are gated by reactor.callLater. Also there should be a built-in
> timeout, or an easy way to set one (with a default timeout imposed if the
> method returns a Deferred without first setting a timeout).

I don't think it should be calling iterate() at all -- just a regular 
run(). In fact, I was considering rewriting said functions in 
twisted.trial.util to use that just today. Instead of spinning the 
reactor until something is appended to some list via a callback, make 
the callback stop the reactor.

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