[Twisted-Python] Re: Collaborative Text Editor

Nicola Larosa nico at tekNico.net
Thu Jul 15 13:48:23 EDT 2004

> Thanks for the tip! This looks like a wheel I can help round out instead
> of trying to re-invent.

You're welcome. Or maybe not... ;-)

> Ed Suominen
> Registered Patent Agent 

I hadn't noticed this before. I sure hope you do *not* accept applications
about *software* patents, otherwise I may possibly come to regret having
helped you. ;-)

> Open Source Developer (Yes, both...)
> Web Site: http://www.eepatents.com

Now I'm confused. You're a good guy, a bad guy, or what? ;-)

Nicola Larosa - nico at tekNico.net

"When a student asks why case matters, simply ask why it shouldn't matter.
If they think it would be easier to use Python if they can be inconsistent
in their use of case, then they have the answer. Python helps teach that
consistency matters." -- Michael McLay, April 2004

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