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Christopher Armstrong radix at twistedmatrix.com
Thu Feb 26 15:22:15 EST 2004

James Y Knight wrote:
> This page 
> <http://peak.telecommunity.com/protocol_ref/protocols-context.html> 
> describes how one would do context-specific protocols with PyProtocols, 
> which *doesn't* seem to allow multiple registries. Basically, it seems 
> to say: use a per-instance subprotocol. It may not be directly 
> applicable to twisted, because of the lack of chained adaptation (A->B 
> and B->C gives you A->C automatically), but it does seem to me like a 
> nice way to go about it.

Hmm... I'm reading that page, but I can't tell if it requires the 
framework code to do special things to support context-specific 
adapters. If it does, is there any way to implement context-specific 
adapters that _don't_ require framework-code to know about them? i.e., 
so plain old adaptation calls will look in the context for adapters?

But yeah, if PyProtocols does everything we need and there's a good 
chance it will support our future crazy ideas, I think it's a good idea 
to switch. We'd probably wanna bump to 2.0 for such a switch. maybe?

Of course, IIRC glyph mentioned it being slow, and I think he doesn't 
like the implicit adaptation. ?

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