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Christopher Armstrong radix at twistedmatrix.com
Thu Feb 26 12:09:34 EST 2004

James Y Knight wrote:
> So I want to merge the changes from Nevow that allow lazy adapter  
> registration via string arguments to registerAdapter:
> registerAdapter("nevow.freeform.StringRenderer","nevow.formless.String", 
> "nevow.freeform.ITypedRenderer")
> However, doing this necessarily means the removal of the implicit  
> super-interface feature, where twisted automatically registers  
> StringRenderer for all super-interfaces of ITypedRenderer. As there is  
> no way to look up the super-interfaces of a string at registerAdapter  
> time (without loading up the module), this feature cannot stay.
> I also doubt that's actually used by anyone. I can't think of a reason  
> why I'd want to do that. The test suite doesn't even test it: all tests  
> pass after removing it. There is a test for the behavior of the  
> components.superInterfaces function, but not for actually registering  
> adapters.

Maybe this was the dubious failure that I've heard rumoured in 
NewReality when last someone tried to implement this feature. It'd be 
really nice if glyph or whoever tried implementing it last would explain 
what exactly the backwards-incompatibility problem they ran into was.

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