[Twisted-Python] "installing" Twisted?

Christopher Armstrong radix at twistedmatrix.com
Fri Feb 20 15:02:03 EST 2004

Frantisek Fuka wrote:
> Yun Mao wrote:
>> I guess the pure python part (which is almost the whole part?) would 
>> be fine. However, you probably do not have those handy script 
>> installed in the $PATH, such as twistd, mktap, etc.
> That's not a problem, I am just importing Twisted modules into my Python 
> application.
> Am I correct in thinking that if I installed it "correctly" (using 
> setup.py), Twisted would compile some binaries and then be faster/more 
> stable etc...?

There are a number of optional C extensions. So, perhaps, depending on 
what parts you're using, it could be faster. They're written in C, 
though, so generally I would assume that the potential for *in*stability 
is higher when you use them, but that's not a comment about any of our C 
extensions specifically. ;-)

So, you get C extensions and bin scripts in $prefix when you use 
setup.py. Nothing critical.

However! Before you forget this topic: you said you had a problem with 
running setup.py, so a real bug report would be very much appreciated.

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