[Twisted-Python] System Requirements Request (Remedy 70699)

Hedden James E Contr AFPC/DPDOSC James.Hedden at RANDOLPH.AF.MIL
Wed Feb 11 16:49:35 EST 2004

Thanks a lot for the info and for your time and trouble.  I just need to
fill in the squares on the form to satisfy local requirements and regs.



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On Wed, 2004-02-11 at 15:51, Hedden James E Contr AFPC/DPDOSC wrote:
> I've downloaded Twisted-1.1.1.win32-py2.3.exe for eval from your
> website and also need some information for my eval sheet.  I checked
> your site, but couldn't find the following technical specifications /
> requirements I need.  Can you supply, or point me to thisinformation,
> please?
>         Operating Systems supported 
>         Type Processor required 
>         Memory requirements 
>         Hard Drive space required 
>         Other Hardware and Software requirements 
> Is there also a more compact, simpler definition of the program; and a
> simple list of functions? 

As far as operating systems go, I'm fairly certain that Twisted will run
on any operating system on which Python will run. I don't know of any
processor requirements; the only thing that's really required is Python.
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