[Twisted-Python] System Requirements Request (Remedy 70699)

Hedden James E Contr AFPC/DPDOSC James.Hedden at RANDOLPH.AF.MIL
Wed Feb 11 16:47:36 EST 2004

Hi Cory,

You're probably very right; I'm sure I am confused.  I'm only the Tech who
installs this once to make sure it will in Win2K and is compatible with our
Network.  What you described, though, does sound like what the folks here
were looking for.  I've cc'd the primary user here so he'll know if I've
gotten the correct software downloaded.

Thanks a lot for the info and for your time and trouble.



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I think you might be a little confused; Twisted's primary purpose is as an
application development framework.  The installer you downloaded installs
tools and libraries for developing applications in Python.  Although there
are some features that can be used standalone (twistd -f web.tap comes to
mind), it is not an application unto itself and these tools are secondary to
the purpose of Twisted which is as a developers' resource.

As such, any minimum disk requirements would be only for the toolkit, not
including Python (which is required).  Minimum processor specs and memory
requirements are meaningless outside of the context of an application.

That said:
* the installer you downloaded requires 65MB of disk space including the
documentation which takes up most of the space.  There is another installer
the same site that does not install doco, and requires 12MB installed.
* Any support you get for any operating systems would be on a contract basis
with the developers, as this is an open source project.  However, Linux, Mac
OS X 10.2 and 10.3 and Windows 98 and later are all known to work with
Twisted, as well as various flavors of Unix.  Basically, anywhere Python

See also:
~  Product page
~    http://twistedmatrix.com/products/twisted
~  FAQ
~    http://twistedmatrix.com/documents/howto/faq

Wiki, etc...

Hedden James E Contr AFPC/DPDOSC wrote:

| Hi,
| I perform initial evaluations of software for the Air Force Personnel
| Center.  In that capacity, I install software to be evaluated onto a
| test box solely to ensure the program is compatible with Windows 2000
| and our Network.  Once that's established, the program is installed to
| the user's computer (preferably another test computer) for the
| user-level evaluation that only the actual user of the program can do.
| I've downloaded *Twisted-1.1.1.win32-py2.3.exe* for eval from your
| website and also need some information for my eval sheet.  I checked
| your site, but couldn't find the following technical specifications /
| requirements I need.  Can you supply, or point me to this information,
| please?
|         Operating Systems supported
|         Type Processor required
|         Memory requirements
|         Hard Drive space required
|         Other Hardware and Software requirements
| Is there also a more compact, simpler definition of the program; and a
| simple list of functions?
| Thank you very much for your time and trouble.
| Cheers!
| Jim Hedden, AFPC/DPDOSC
| Communications Support

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