[Twisted-Python] twisted on os x: cfreactor or kqreactor?

rayg rayg at varchars.com
Fri Apr 23 12:23:53 EDT 2004

i just created a fink package for PyKQeue
and this now allows me to use kqreactor.

if i'm not not planning on using any cocoa functionality, is there any
advantage to use cfreactor over kqreactor on os x?

i wasn't able to find any direct comparison between the mechanisms behind
kqreactor and cfreactor, but i did see that NSRunLoop is asynchronous,
like kqueue.  i've tested both reactors on a simple script and noticed
cfreactor doesn't stop() 75% of the time, so i'm inclined to just use
kqreactor, instead of tracking down why cfreactor isn't behaving...

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