[Twisted-Python] Twisted split: tap plugins

Christopher Armstrong radix at twistedmatrix.com
Sat Apr 17 17:18:35 EDT 2004

So, Jp and I ran into our first Big Problem with the Twisted split. 
First, though, we *have* gotten the TwistedNews repository set up:


The problem is the tap plugin. Currently both TwistedNews and Twisted 
have a plugins.tml that contains a "news" tap plugin. We assume that 
we'll leave twisted.news in Twisted for a little while for backwards 

The alternatives that we've come up with are like so:

1) Rename 'mktap news' to 'mktap newsnews' in TwistedNews. Rename it
    back to 'news' when we get rid of twisted.news. This is Jp's
2) Add an optional argument to the register() call in plugins.tml:
    allowOverride=True. This would mean that another register() call with
    similar arguments would override this one, whether it gets executed
    before or after this one. We would pass this argument to our
    deprecated tap-plugins in Twisted's plugins.tml. This is my solution.

I dislike the idea of a rename, because not only would we force users to 
change what they're doing now, we'd force them to change what they're 
doing later when we get rid of twisted.news.

This problem is going to have to be solved now, because we'll have 
similar problem with pretty much all of the packages we'll be splitting 
from Twisted.

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