[Twisted-Python] PythonCard GUI client for pbecho example

Stephen Waterbury golux at comcast.net
Mon Apr 12 03:08:18 EDT 2004

Here's a gui client made with PythonCard that works with
the pbecho.py server.  How it works:

* start up server:  python pbecho.py
* start up client:  python tpcpbechoclient.py
* when client comes up, push "Login"
  -> "CONNECTED" should appear on lower right side of panel
     (meaning the client received a perspective)
* enter something into the text field at the bottom
* click "Send"
  -> the text should be echoed in the text area widget above

(Note:  if you have PythonCard installed as PythonCardPrototype,
either change the name of your installation to PythonCard or
do the substitution in my example code.  PythonCard is about to
undergo the name change in its next released version.)

- Steve

P.S.  Itamar:  I couldn't get the wxreactor to work with PythonCard;
kept getting "AssertionError: reactor already installed".  I tried
a lot of things, but finally got tired of messing with it.

For now, I'm using my "twistedpythoncard" module, which encapsulates
Uwe's timer recipe so the rest of the code can use normal Twisted
and PythonCard idioms.
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