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Paul Boehm paul at soniq.net
Tue Sep 30 07:28:21 EDT 2003

okay, and now someone explain to me what should motivate me to keep
sending in patches? strports patches will be rejected too, moshez told
me, so i'll have to fork that too.. 

and i had fixes for that loseConnection stuff months ago, i don't
remember if i submitted them, because even back then i knew from
experience that you won apply my patches, but i probably did.

you realize that you are unwilling to apply any of my patches, even when
minor, and when i'm trying really hard to get them in?

it would be really easier to maintain a patch dir, and just fix my own
cvs checkout locally.

i'll submit my proxy patches, integrating well into cvs-current, this
week, as arranged on irc, and you judge if my code is unbearable or if
it actually makes sense. i see this as an last attempt to communicate
with you guys..


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Subject: [issue291] app.getApplication cleanup
To: paul at soniq.net
From: Moshe Zadka <twisted.roundup at twistedmatrix.com>
Reply-To: Twisted issue tracker <twisted.roundup at twistedmatrix.com>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 05:40:22 +0000

Moshe Zadka <moshez at twistedmatrix.com> added the comment:

I'm going to reject it -- this code works, and is clear 
enough. Do you have any good reason, other than clean-up, 
for this patch?

status: unread -> chatting
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