[Twisted-Python] Book on Twisted?

David Mertz mertz at gnosis.cx
Fri Sep 26 21:50:08 EDT 2003


I reckon most of you saw my series of articles on Twisted over at IBM
developerWorks.  Heck, a small thread on this list even criticized some
of my examples :-).

Anyway, in response to my articles, a publisher approached me; and
basically asked me to write a book on Twisted for them (the note was a
little less straightforward than this, but that's the jist).

FWIW, I do not want to write a book on Twisted--at least not by myself.
However, I -do- think that having a good book--one that was helpful and
approachable to beginners--would be really nice to have on my shelf.  So
the idea picques my interst somewhat.

There are several things readers of this missive might do with the
information.  If someone else just has the notion of writing a book
themselves, I am very happy to put you in touch with my publishing
contact.  I cannot state one way or another whether this would be the
best publisher for such a book, but at least there's an incling of
interst there.  On the other hand, if someone is kinda intersted in
writing a book but unsure about the writing process, I might be
interested or willing to have a role in such a process.  Maybe
contributing author, active editor, tech reviewer, or something else;
obviously, if I have a role, I'll have an interest, but I don't know
what the details might be.

Yours, David...

Keeping medicines from the bloodstreams of the sick; food from the bellies
of the hungry; books from the hands of the uneducated; technology from the
underdeveloped; and putting advocates of freedom in prisons.  Intellectual
property is to the 21st century what the slave trade was to the 16th.

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