[Twisted-Python] twisted socksv4 proxy

Yun Mao maoy at cis.upenn.edu
Wed Sep 24 17:20:16 EDT 2003

OK. Here are some numbers:

First, I tried the bandwidth to download kernel from kernel.org: around 
150K/s reported from wget.


I wrote a little program to use twisted.protocols.socks:

application = Application("socks4 proxy")
application.listenTCP(1080, socks.SOCKSv4Factory("/tmp/socks.log"))

if '__main__' == __name__:

I start the program on my own machine, port 1080. 

After that I use a "sockify" program (tsocks) to use the ""  
proxy to download.  wget told me the speed is 4.10K/s Ideally, a proxy on 
localhost should bring almost 0 overhead, right? 

I also observe 100% cpu usage. A faster CPU may get better results. But,
still, what is going on here?

I modified socks.py and tried the producer idea, but it doesn't work.  
Maybe because the wrong usage?

Somebody can help me out? Thanks a lot!

> Twisted will merrily buffer as much data as necessary if the connection
> isn't ready for writing.  Unless you are talking about very large amounts of
> data, I doubt this would be a serious problem.  I'm guessing here though;
> real benchmarks are welcome :)
> Still, if it is a problem -- or you're just sufficiently concerned to care
> about it anyway :) -- you could use producers and consumers to effectively
> throttle the upstream connection (the producer) when the downstream
> connection's (the consumer) buffers are full.  Probably something like
> twisted.protocols.pcp.ProducerConsumerProxy would help here.
> -Andrew.
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Yun Mao
Ph.D Student, University of Pennsylvania

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