[Twisted-Python] 1.0.7 Windows installer bug?

Cory Dodt corydodt at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 24 12:50:31 EDT 2003

"ACK" is the emergency value I inserted in case it can't find the 
following registry key:


Please open an issue in the tracker for this: 
http://twistedmatrix.com/bugs .  If you can describe there how you 
installed Python that might give me a hint for solving it.  I haven't 
been able to reproduce this bug on any of my systems but you're the 
second person who has reported it.


As a temporary measure, installing Twisted without the Windows installer 
isn't terrible; get the source and follow the instructions here:


Matt Boersma wrote:

>Hello twisters:
>I've been developing a PB application on Debian Linux, and it
>has gone quite well.  But a coworker wants to test things on
>Windows.  <sigh>
>I've done nothing intentionally platform-specific, so I don't
>think there will be any problems here.  I went to install the
>1.0.7 binary release on my Win2K test box to verify this, but
>after nearly completing the install, it errors out with:
>Unable to execute file: ACK\pythonw.exe
>CreateProcess failed; code 2.
>The system cannot find the file specified
>Where is it getting "ACK" from?  I have a standard binary
>install of python2.3 from www.python.org on Win2K SP3, and
>PYTHONHOME is set to "C:\Python2.3".
>Any clues would be much appreciated.

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