[Twisted-Python] Off topic question

Uwe C. Schroeder uwe at oss4u.com
Fri Sep 19 05:30:26 EDT 2003


this is off topic, but I thought it is the best place to ask.
I've written a program for the insurance business. It's based on a twisted pb 
server and wxPython clients. My customer possibly needs to extend the 
software pretty soon and I think I will be "outgunned" by that demand.
Therefor I look for someone who possibly (but not necessarily) has a 
background in insurance and is adept programming python using twisted and 
wxPython. I know this is not the place for a job offer, nonetheless this is 
the the place where the skilled people gather.
It's not determined if this expansion will happen, but I want to stay ahead. 
So if anyone has spare time for a project and could need some cash, get in 
touch with me. Payment is negotiable. To put the cards on the table, you'd 
have to surrender the copyright, so we'd need to adjust the payment 
Anyone interested ? Drop me a mail.

PS: I give a sh... about "computer science degree needed". All I need is 
someone who can do the job - and if you learned it at home on your C64, are a 
groceries salesperson and can do the job, that's fine with me :-) 



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