[Twisted-Python] executing .rpy in a thread

stephan ccom at gmx.net
Thu Sep 4 02:18:37 EDT 2003

Say I want to execute blocking code in a .rpy file. Can't I just execute
all the code in a separate thread? I've found the following code to
execute a function in a thread. How could I add a callback to that
thread so I could get back the whole html page back from that
"notthreadSafe" function and return it to the client (web browser)?

from twisted.internet import reactor
from twisted.python import threadable

def notThreadSafe(x):
     """do something that isn't thread-safe"""
     # ...

def threadSafeScheduler():
    """Run in thread-safe manner."""
    reactor.callFromThread(notThreadSafe, 3) # will run
                                             # in the event loop


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