[Twisted-Python] pb.Referenceable and disconnection question

Ruslan Spivak alienoid at is.lg.ua
Fri Sep 12 06:58:58 EDT 2003


Can anybody help me with the following?
I have server an lot of clients, when they connect(SSL) they pass their 
pb.Referenceable to server. Server every 2 minutes calls clients' remote 
method checkpoint(). The problem arises when i disconnect network cable 
from client side(WinXP) or from server side(linux redhat9.0) - with 
disconnected cable, server makes remoteRef.callRemote("checkpoint") and 
i don't get pb.DeadReferenceError exception(no exceptions at all, it 
prints that it's ok). Only after 15-18 minutes i see on server 
exceptions that connection was lost.

Your help is very, very appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

P.S. Client side(i use notifyOnDisconnect method) detects losing of 
connection after 3-5 seconds, but server side...
I use twisted 1.0.7rc1

Best regars,

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