[Twisted-Python] Dual Reactor Script

Mark Evans v6kk1hg02 at sneakemail.com
Wed Oct 29 17:26:42 EST 2003

This question pertains to the use of dual reactors in a
single Python script.  The script runs on Windows 2000 and
has the nature of a daemon which translates between two
protocols on either side of it.

Side A = Telnet protocol ("raw" type)
    over TCP transport to embedded device
    ASCII data
Side B = Custom binary protocol (bits, bytes)
    over UDP transport
    binary data

Now the Twisted Matrix samples I've examined all do this
in their main entry:

   reactor.listenTransport(port, protocolFactory)

However I have TWO transports and TWO protocols.  So the
question is how to properly configure the reactor(s) in my
script.  Any advice, in particular?  How should such a
daemon be structured properly in TM?  Threads?  Two
scripts?  Please advise.  I'm sure there's a simple way
but always like to cover my bases with the gurus.  Probably
I need only one reactor, configured in a particular way to
handle two protocols and transports.


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