[Twisted-Python] Picture_Pile broken?

Kevin Unger kunger at intersight.com
Mon Oct 27 02:05:38 EST 2003

Hello Twisted Folk,

I just downloaded 1.1.0rc2 for Windows.  The link from the woven howto to
the source listings for the 'Picture_Pile' tutorial is broken.  The link (at
the bottom of the page) needs to have '.html' apended to the href.

I found the listings (only a single and broken link to the file
directory-listing4.html exists), and downloaded the files necessary to run
the first part of the tutorial:


      I try to start it using:

          python %TWISTED_HOME%\scripts\twistw.py -noy picturepile.py

      And all I get is an immediate return to the command prompt, no console
messages, and no server running.  I ran this just fine using the previous
twisted release, 1.0.7.

      Any clue?


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