[Twisted-Python] delivering application

Yun Mao maoy at cis.upenn.edu
Thu Oct 23 23:24:58 EDT 2003

> There's already a bindAddress optional argument that you could possibly use
> for this (and it's cross-platform)... I'm guessing there's some reason why
> you need to bind the local side by device rather than by IP address?
> -Andrew.

Because I can't get it working. This looks different from the TCP server
side. My senario is that I have both ethernet (eth0) and 802.11(eth1)  
available, and I want one TCP connection use eth0 and the other one use
eth1. binding IP addresses for the two connections doesn't work for me..
Even it'll work, getting the IP for the specific interface is still a
little troublesome..


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