[Twisted-Python] High Level Implementation Question

Nathan Seven scosol at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 23 15:18:50 EDT 2003

--- Andrew Bennetts <andrew-twisted at puzzling.org>
> (Just to confuse you even more, you don't *need*
> adbapi; you can ignore it
> and do DB work in your own threads if that's more
> convenient.  adbapi is
> probably what you want, though :)

Yes, I'll absolutely need the connection-pool
Alright- I think it's become clearer to me now-

I need to create my main app, that connects itself to
my db, and runs a web server-
Then my request handling code simply needs to gather
the client data, call the sql function and deferr-
then on callback I just spit the data back to the

All of my business logic is going to be in the DB's
stored procedures- so with this sort of setup the app
side of things is infinitly scalable :)

Thank's for your help-

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