[Twisted-Python] Form with formprocessor

Jp Calderone exarkun at intarweb.us
Tue Oct 21 18:40:29 EDT 2003

On Tue, Oct 21, 2003 at 03:08:14PM -0400, vicky lupien wrote:
> I have a form and I'm using formprocessor for validation.  I want to get
> the original form if there's an error and an other page in case of
> everything is alright.
> I tried to call formprocessor with callback=self and errback=self but it
> cause a strange error.
> Please someone help me, I'm really tired not to be able to use a form.

  Vicky, looking over your posting history it seems like you don't have much
luck getting answers to your questions.  I don't know anything about form
processing with twisted.web, so I can't answer your questions directly,
however maybe I can help in another way.

  First, if you include a very short program that tries to do what you want
to accomplish, but fails in a predictable way, people will be able to run
it, see what went wrong, and possibly suggest fixes.  This is much easier
for people than trying to guess exactly what you're doing, and exactly how
it's failing.

  Second, if you include the traceback you get when you attempt something,
along with a few lines of context surrounding the line that causes the
problem, people familiar with the part of Twisted you are working with might
be able to guess the problem right off.  This isn't as good as including a
minimal example (as described in the previous paragraph), but it is
sometimes enough to get what help you need.

  Third, a more general description of what you're trying to accomplish
is often useful.  With this information, people can get a sense of why
you're doing what you're doing, and with an understanding of your goal,
suggest courses of actions (including dropping whatever your current
approach is and starting from a direction you might not have considered).

  Last, in case you aren't aware of it, many Twisted developers are also
active on IRC (irc.freenode.net) in #twisted.  If you're still unable to get
help on the mailing list, logging on there and poking people might be a way
to make progress.  Sometimes there are communication problems that are hard
to resolve via email but are easily worked out in a more interactive medium.

  Hope this helps,

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