[Twisted-Python] Deffered question

soso duke99 at email.ro
Tue Oct 21 09:38:30 EDT 2003

Hello Andrew, 

Thanks a lot for your detailed answer. The examples you gave made things more
clear now.

> Twisted is huge, but then so is the Python standard library.  Twisted is
> great for writing servers in.  The upcoming 1.1 release contains a tutorial
> that should hopefully make understanding what you need to do to write a
> server easier; you can preview the CVS version of it at:
>     http://twistedmatrix.com/users/warner/doc-latest/howto/tutorial.html
> (That's currently an 800kB page!)

That's great! The documentation is compatible with version 1.0.7?

> Can you elaborate more on what the "response computation" involves?  If you
> can, we can probably sketch out some code that does what you need.

Well, basically I want to write a SNMP management system. The server will query
one or more SNMP servers, receive traps, and save all results in a database. A
client can connect to the server and ask for statistics, or query a SNMP server
(through the application server); both this kind of requests may be time-consuming.
So after seeing your examples, I think that this time consuming server
operations (database, and SNMP queries) should be deffered to a pool of worker

Ok, now a problem that I heard of is Twisted interaction with wxPython. I did
not test it, but if you or anyone else can confirm that it can work ok it would
be nice. I would like to be able to send commands to server from a modal dialog
and receive back the response. Is it possible?


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