[Twisted-Python] woven bug?

Federico Di Gregorio fog at initd.org
Mon Oct 20 11:42:42 EDT 2003


i have a problem with woven loosing a <div> tag where, IMHO, it should
not. note the big IMHO, i still don't know woven that well. right now I
have a template that simply does:

    <div view="menu" />

and my Page subclass has a method for that view;

    def wvfactory_menu(self, request, node, model):
        return page.Page(templateFile="menu.xhtml",

if the menu.xhtml file has the following structure:

<div id="menu">

the <div id="menu"> tag gets lost. the external div is correctly
replaced and has an id like "woven_id_xxxxxxxxxx" but the innermost div
(the one with id "menu") is not there anymore. right now i've found a
dirty hack:

<div id="menu">
<div id="menu">

but, obviously, i don't like at all. is that a woven bug or a
misinterpretation of how the node replacement works? is the outer tag of
a (sub)page always removed? and why?


Federico Di Gregorio
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