[Twisted-Python] CVSToys and IRC

Justin Johnson justinjohnson at fastmail.fm
Thu Oct 16 08:35:27 EDT 2003

Would someone mind helping me get CVSToys setup to send to an IRC
channel?  I'm not quite sure what to do based on what the doc says.

Many of you are downloading this package to have commit notifications
delivered to you on IRC.  To do this, make sure you have a PBService
in your freshCfg, and then make seperate cvswords application; do
`mktap cvswords --help` for a list of all options.  The --cvs-user and
--cvs-pass options must match the user/pass pair for the PBService.
Start the new application with `twistd -f cvswords.tap`.



PB service to provide notification to remote agents.

Usage: PBService(serviceName='cvstoys.notify', userpass=None)
Initialize a service.

The global variables pbPortNo and pbAuthorizer are also relevant.

@param serviceName: The name of the PB service.  If you make
more than one service, each must have a unique name.

@param userpass: If a (username, password) tuple is supplied
here, an account will be created for it.


So it seems I need to create a words tap and a cvswords tap, and add a
PBService to the freshCfg file?  I'm not quite sure where I specify the
IRC channel in all this.  mktap words --help doesn't seem to have any
channel option.


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