[Twisted-Python] PB/wx example pbwxthingy

Stephen C. Waterbury golux at comcast.net
Mon Oct 13 21:44:20 EDT 2003

Twisted Gurus,

For the 1.1 release, you might want to consider replacing the
old "wxdemo" example, which is pretty lame, with the really
cool wx-and-PB example posted to the list by Axel Busch on
Sept 20.  It works great and is an impressive example of
both PB and the application of Uwe Schroeder's recipe that
enables the use of the reactor within a wxPython app without
causing menus and modal dialogs to hang:


(There's also a nice docstring about the use of this in

I've replaced the example's references to "Transport" (which
had nothing to do with network transports but was rather a
logistical application object) with "Thingy" so as to make the
example possibly less confusing in the context of the twisted
examples directory, and I've added a very brief README that
gives the basic procedure for running the example -- see attached.

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