[Twisted-Python] 1.1 Will Not Build Under Win32

Andrew Bennetts andrew-twisted at puzzling.org
Fri Nov 7 21:51:31 EST 2003

On Fri, Nov 07, 2003 at 11:38:54AM -0800, Cory Dodt wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> Syver,
> I'm the win32 buildmeister, so I'm looking for this bug to see if I can
> reproduce it.  Are you sure you hit "save" on the bug? I can't find it
> on any combination of win32, compile, build, windows...
> Also, assigning it to me probably wouldn't be a bad thing.

The twistw bug was submitted, and has already been fixed:

I see no sign of the build problems in the bug tracker, though.


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