[Twisted-Python] Dynamic form with twisted

John D. lists at webcrunchers.com
Mon Nov 3 16:38:32 EST 2003

>vicky lupien wrote:
>> I want to make a form dynamically. I don't want to use FormProcess and I 
>> do not understand very well how it works.  If someone have documentation 
>> on forms (not the one on twisted matrix), it will be appreciated.
>Twisted's layers are relatively well-factored internally.  If you don't 
>like our dynamic form generation tools - and believe me, I know there 
>are good reasons not to like them - you can still use the web server. 
>You can easily write a form processor which uses request.args (a 
>dictionary of HTTP form arguments) as input and produces HTML via 
>Your question seems a little vague, though: if you are looking for 
>documentation on forms in general, consider a resource like
>	http://www.ku.edu/~acs/docs/other/forms-intro.shtml

darn,  this was something I was also looking for,  but (sigh) that site
must be down right now,  I cannot get anything from that URL.   Would you
happen to know where I can find some good examples of forms processing I can
look at?     I'm still suffering from a lack of useful examples.  The Twisted
tutorial doesn't cover ANY examples of how to process forms pages.

I'm also looking for an implementation of a SMTP server.  A simple one,  just to show how all the components are tied together.   This is what Twisted really lacks,  documentation on how everything is tied together.   The tutorial covers some of that,  and does pretty good job,  but there are NO existing documentation on how to implement the simplest of SMTP servers,  although it appears there are alot of object that support it,  there just isn't any documentation that tell me how it's all tied together.


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