[Twisted-Python] Woven example for article, Part II

david mertz ibook at gnosis.cx
Fri May 30 02:28:13 EDT 2003

Itamar Shtull-Trauring wrote:
|The ChangeLog usually doesn't cover code that is unstable. In general,
|*always* use the latest version of Twisted.

Well, that sounds nice; but it's kinda impractical in a lot of contexts.
As I mentioned in an upthread comment, my web host at python-hosting.com
has 1.0.3 installed.  I've emailed Remi asking him to upgrade--and I
suppose he will--but not everyone maintains their own installation/host,
nor does everyone want to reinstall large libraries every time s/he
writes a new script.

Moreover, for me in particular, I want to write some examples for
articles.  If I write something that works in 1.0.5, but breaks in 1.0.6
and past, that's bad for readers (and makes me look a little worse).
And as things go, probably the next Twisted version will be out before
my article current article is published.  But the story is pretty much
the same if I were to implement something for a client--I don't want my
software breaking everytime the library changes.

I'm not really complaining about any of this.  Publishers pay me money
to make informed guesses about what software will be stable and what
will change (among many other judgements).  But it does make it
challenging to write the sort of thing I write that covers Twisted.
I'll probably wind up going a little light on woven because of
this--which is a little bit too bad, since templating is a technology a
lot of readers would be interested in.

Yours, David...

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