[Twisted-Python] SNMP in Twisted

Wari Wahab wari at home.wari.org
Wed May 28 03:48:55 EDT 2003

I was given the task to have a program to send SNMP get requests and 
recieve SNMP traps. There is a PySNMP package out there, and I guess 
that it's a blocking call to get data from an SNMP server, especially 
when doing a walk style request.

My questions are,
1. Should one attempt on doing the hair raising task of doing the SNMP 
client and Server protocols? (Hopefully, you should never need to write 
your own protocols)
2. Use the PySNMP library as is, no matter how blocking that can be?
3. Use PySNMP calls in a thread?
4. Use the command line executables of ucd-snmp (or net-snmp) and use 
the reactor.spawnProcess() calls. Get SNMP traps using syslog named pipes.

All are valid answers, though I pretty much think that 1. is the best 
way to go, BUT, looking at SNMP rfcs, it could very well prove to be an 
almost impossible task (especially for a newbie like me:).

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