[Twisted-Python] Anomaly found between twisted XML-RPC client and twisted server (Bug?)

Wari Wahab wari at home.wari.org
Thu May 22 12:03:19 EDT 2003

Wari Wahab wrote:

> Hi there, I was testing around the XML-RPC support in twisted and 
> found the following:
> same twisted client and server (one instance) = error.connectionLost
> twisted client -> twisted server = error.connectionLost
> xmlprclib client -> twisted server = got my results
> twisted client -> xmlrpclib client = got my results.

I tried the previously mentioned tests in linux, python 2.2.2 and 
twisted 1.0.5, I tried the same tests now in WindowsXP with Activestate 
Python and Twisted 1.0.5 and I get the same errors and results as well, 
which means that this bug is reproducable. Why can't twisted xmlrpc 
client talk to twisted xmlrpc server?

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