[Twisted-Python] LivePage Hello World

Eric Holm twisted at eholm.com
Thu May 22 00:29:27 EDT 2003

>> I'm trying to get a simple LivePage script going,
>> and no luck so far.
> Cool! LivePage is not really ready for human consumption yet, but...
Well, we guinea pigs aren't really human, so that worked out okay.

> The magic incantation to get your Twisted server to
> listen on this port and talk this protocol is this:
> mktap web --path=/foo/bar --flashconduit=4321
That did it, now I'm one dangerous guinea pig!  At 
this rate, I won't have to write a wxPython/pb 
front-end to my server.

> Patches against the documentation in CVS would be gratefully
> accepted.
I'll give it a shot (it's actually pretty close already, if a 
bit sparse).



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