[Twisted-Python] Woven (microdom?) problem

Eric Holm twisted at eholm.com
Fri May 9 12:19:17 EDT 2003

> I just took at look at microdom in CVS and it shouldn't 
> do that anymore.  I don't recall when that bug was fixed,
> but try out CVS or 1.0.5rc2.
I tried 1.0.5rc2, and while it's not rewriting the </script> 
now, it's not working either, and I'm at a complete loss as 
to why.  IE gives a typical-but-useless "Line 1, Char 1, 
Object expected" error. If I view the source of the page 
that IE is choking on, save it untouched as "Minimal2.html", 
then IE displays "Minimal2.html" just fine.

This javascript thing is a tangent for me that's gotten out 
of hand, so for now I'll just assume that Woven and 
javascript don't mix, at least until I have some time to 
dig deeper.



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