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Mike Thompson mike.thompson at day8.com.au
Tue May 6 06:22:33 EDT 2003

"Philippe Lafoucrière" <lafou at wanadoo.fr> wrote in message
news:1052211134.8062.33.camel at biproc...
> > What my applications do is to fetch a xrc file (wx xml ressource) from
> > the
> > server and instanciate the gui locally on the client. That works quite
> > fine
> > and btw decouples the gui from the business logic, which is normally
> > what you
> > want in a multi tier application.
> Any documentation on that ? I have the same problems...

Perhaps Martin will have documentation links but in the meantime I recently
noticed an open source project (backed by Mitch Kapor) which makes extensive
use of xrc/python to create a plugin architecture:

The product is Chandler -- a PIM.  It's source code might give some pointers.


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