[Twisted-Python] Signal Alternatives

Moshe Zadka m at moshez.org
Tue May 6 14:14:43 EDT 2003

Reference: http://moshez.org/curled.tgz

So, I'm working on curled.killer, which may find its way back into
Twisted at some point. The point is to have an API which resembles
signals for command line users, and yet is flexible and reliable.

On the server side, it should be no harder than

killer.register(application, "signal-name", handlerFunction)

On the client side, it should be no harder than

% pbkill application.pbkill signal-name [optional arguments]

Except for pbkill currently being spelled
"python -c 'from curled.killer import killMain;killMain()', this
is all working. Glyph mentioned he still has some comments,
so I'm not checking this in yet, but I urge anyone who wants
stuff classically triggered with signals on UNIX (such as termination,
or configuration reloading) to try this out and submit feedback.

This is UNIX only, as it uses UNIX domain sockets. It is too hard,
and not interesting for me, to do it in Windows (maybe through
TCP loopback sockets? )

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