[Twisted-Python] questions about Twisted mail

Tommi Virtanen tv at twistedmatrix.com
Tue Jul 29 02:23:02 EDT 2003

On Mon, Jul 28, 2003 at 04:26:17PM -0500, Matthew R. Scott wrote:
> Goals
> =====
> Ultimately, I want Twisted mail to support these outcomes from common e-mail
> scenarios:
> POP3 access to account: PASS
> SMTP Mail from outside domain to outside domain: FAIL

	Huh? This means people cannot use vanity domains. That's
	generally not what you want.

	The first SMTP hop for this email is from a machine
	called yin.wanderer.org, and my source domain is still

	If what you want is relay control, the traditional (and good!)
	mechanism for that is knowing what IP addresses belong to your
	organization, accept mail to outside domains only from those
	IP addresses.

> SMTP Mail from outside domain to user: PASS
> SMTP Mail from user to user: PASS
> SMTP Mail from user to outside domain: FAIL
> ESMTP Mail from user to user: PASS
> ESMTP Mail from user to outside domain: PASS

	Umm, I hope you do mean _authenticated (E)SMTP_, not just
	ESMTP? Because the only real difference between SMTP and ESMTP
	is whether the client says HELO or EHLO.

	I've said this earlier, and I'll say it again. twisted.mail is
	not really ready for production use yet. It can still lose

> Are any of the problems I'm running into (such as the "No checker for
> ...IUsernameHashedPassword" failure) due to the transitional nature of
> Twisted CVS?   (I freely admit I have not yet tried any of the above on the
> last "stable" Twisted release)

	Most likely yes.

> How close is IMAP server capability to being integrated with Twisted mail?

	See twisted.protocols.imap4.IMAP4Server. Seems to be quite complete.

> How would one keep usernames on different domains separate in terms of
>  logging in with POP3 and authenticating with ESMTP?  E.g. "jdoe at domain1.com"
>  and "jdoe at domain2.com"

	By authenticating as jdoe at domain1.com, not as joe.

	For older netscape atleast, if the POP account had '@' in it,
	it parsed it as user at popserver; that is, it thought
	domain1.com was it's POP server, and authenticated as user
	jdoe. The classic fix is to use user%domain1.com.

> What are some common configurations of Twisted mail that are currently
> deployed in production environments?

	Scalemail is quite close to first real deployment. It uses parts
	of twisted.mail. http://scalemail.sf.net/  (I really need to update
	the web site ;)

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