[Twisted-Python] Wrapping blocking code

Bob Ippolito bob at redivi.com
Mon Jul 28 11:48:29 EDT 2003

On Monday, Jul 28, 2003, at 11:10 America/New_York, Justin Johnson 

> Another interesting problem...
> The command I am trying to run using my subclass of ProcessProtocol is 
> a
> commercial product that needs to get a license from a license server,
> plus it needs to talk to another server to get data.  So it needs to 
> open
> a socket to the license server and a different during my invocation of
> the command.  When I run the command using the attached code, I get a
> message saying it can't contact the license server, even though the
> command works just fine on the command-line, outside of python/twisted.
> Is there a valid reason my process can't communicate out, or is this
> possibly a bug with the win32eventreactor?  Attached is the file I'm
> running, and the output I get is below.

Is there some chance that clearcase depends on some environment 
variables or something that aren't being inherited by the executed 


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