[Twisted-Python] woven not replacing model/view tags

Justin Johnson justinjohnson at fastmail.fm
Tue Jul 22 09:48:51 EDT 2003

Never mind, I figured it out.  There were 2 problems.

1)  I had index.html and index.rpy sitting in the same directory, so
index.html was being picked up first, and of course rendering the way it
should for a .html file.

2)  Once I referenced index.rpy directly I found my html was not correct,
not having all the necessary double quotes around attribute values and
missing some tailing />'s for my tags.


On Tue, 22 Jul 2003 07:11:27 -0600, "Justin Johnson"
<justinjohnson at fastmail.fm> said:
> Hi,
> I'm trying out woven, but my tags that include model and view attributes
> aren't being replaced as I would expect them to.  I've attached index.rpy
> and index.html, which are the only files from the code that are being
> used at this point.  I'm running them with the following...
> mktap web --path C:\share\woven\site
> twistd -nf web.tap
> It starts up fine and renders the html of index.html just fine, but my
> tags are replaced, and the title is set to the actual tag (i.e.
> everything I placed between <title> and </title>.
> Anybody see what I'm doing wrong?
> Thanks much.
> -Justin

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