[Twisted-Python] Mail Server

Rene Dudfield illumen at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 21 21:29:30 EDT 2003

David A. Leedom wrote:

> I am new to Twisted Matrix.
> I am trying to setup an mail system that will use a database as the 
> datastore for emails, domains and user access (both pop3/imap and stmp).
> What I am looking for is a code snipit example of how to setup a POP3 
> and SMTP server using frame work without using the TAP utility.
> I figure once I have this example then I can begin to understand the 
> documentation better.  There is something missing in the explanation 
> of how things work.  It just goes over my head.
> Thanks You,
> Dave Leedom

Have a look at the tap code in the mail/tap.py for mail.  Other tap 
files are in the tap/ directory of twisted.  That's how I figured out 
how to use the gtk manhole without using taps.

If anyone has spare time, making the adding/removing of servers simpler 
from code without using taps would be nice :)  Maybe a functional api 
which matches the tap utility?

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