[Twisted-Python] Twisted Bug Tracking

Mario Ruggier mario at ruggier.org
Mon Jul 21 09:06:16 EDT 2003

or, what is to be learned from this?


On Lundi, juil 21, 2003, at 14:35, Jonathan Lange wrote:
> On 2003.07.03 16:12, Jonathan Lange wrote:
>> If not, and there is some other solution in mind, let's switch to 
>> that now, and kill off Issues entirely (except perhaps as an 
>> example). After all "code is a liability, functionality is an asset".
> After much discussion, consideration, illicit drug taking, rehab, 
> therapy, more drugs, less rehab, an affair with a soprano (actor, not 
> singer) and a cup of tea, it has been decided that Issues is indeed 
> destined for the garbage bin. Thus, I am no longer maintaining it. 
> I've moved my stuff from SVN into pyramid's CVS for "the benefit of 
> posterity" (from the slightly-updated README). By the time you read 
> this, any web pages of mine that refer to it will have been taken > down.
> It has been killed. Dead. Finito.
> cheers,
> jml
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