[Twisted-Python] One big smile ...

Abe Fettig abe at fettig.net
Tue Jul 15 15:00:42 EDT 2003

On Tue, 2003-07-15 at 14:11, Moshe Zadka wrote:

> Yes, pickling and putting classes in the config file are incompatible.
> This makes perfect sense if you consider that pickles saves classes
> by reference, and there is no reason it will be able to find your
> file to load the code from them. Making class picklable is not important
> while testing -- feel free to run with --no_save during early development
> stages, especially for demonstrations. I tend to have serious allergies
> to putting class definitions in the config file anyway :)
> Anyway, not only is this limitation inherent, nobody has plans to
> make it go away.

That makes sense.  Thanks for the explanation!


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