[Twisted-Python] Implementing a syslog-deamon ??

Thomas Weholt 2002 at weholt.org
Thu Jul 10 16:33:00 EDT 2003

Eh ... I'm not sure. My contract with my employeer states very clear that
anything produced with hardware or software which belong to them or any
results of work done during my workhours belong to them so I really don't

Anyway, it was rather easy and the code isn't cleaned up for
mass-consumption so to speak. It was something that had to be done quickly.

I'll see what I can do.


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> Twisted suddenly isn't so painful, is it?  :)
> I'm working on a similar (though more convoluted) project to collect logs
> and general event information from a wide array of sources.  I started
> syslog because it was easy to implement.  Next up are Windows Event Logs,
> MySQL databases, and FBI employee records. (Whoops; forget I said that
> part.)
> I've written something that's probably close to what you have -- a server
> that listens for syslog messages, then does stuff with them.  (Only I've
> implemented it for TCP, which requires syslog-ng; I'd like to see whether
> UDP is much different.)
> As soon as my code is to a semi-workable state, I plan on releasing it
> posting to the list, of course) -- this should be another week or so.
> In the meantime, could we see what you've come up with?
> Working examples and discussion of coding practices are a Good Thing,
> especially when you can get the senior Twisted guys involved ;)
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