[Twisted-Python] a patch to add an option to twistd to run without signal handlers

Steve Waterbury golux at comcast.net
Wed Jul 9 23:22:19 EDT 2003


Whereas my machine has acquired a weird malady that causes a
traceback when trying to run the reactor with signal
handlers (I've tried many things, including compiling
various versions of Python from source, etc. ... I'm sure
it will be revealed one of these days what the hell is
going on, but in the meantime ...), and whereas I can
run my tests using reactor.run(installSignalHandlers=0)
but I also like to test using twistd and a tap file,
I made this relatively innocent little hack to give twistd
an option that make it more convenient to do so.

Of course, when twistd is killed running in this mode it
dies very unceremoniously, not signing off in its log
or removing its pid file or writing anything.  But it does
what I need.

Offered for your consideration ...

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