[Twisted-Python] Is it just me ....

Thomas Weholt 2002 at weholt.org
Wed Jul 9 20:02:47 EDT 2003

or is Twisted ... well, complicated. I've been programming for several years
and I don't consider myself to be dumb, allthough not a genius either ;-) --
but Twisted is hard to understand. Perhaps you guys find the docs simple
enough, but I just don't get a lot of the key concepts.

The fact that there are so few examples of running ( and uptodate as
mentioned by P. Lafoucriere ) apps available might be a clue. Just look at
the whole RPYs-thing we had going some time ago. Web-development, or to be
precise, running a full-scale webserver is why a lot of people look into
Twisted in the first place. The lack of example-apps and obvious
misunderstandings on how Twisted is meant to be used is what's holding
Twisted back, IMHO.

I really hope the new Twisted-community page can bring some simple, well
documented examples on how to do things. By the way things are going we'll
probably have very good docs in a couple of months or so, but I want to
implement a feature-rich webserver based on Twisted now, as I've described
and nagged about in my postings on this list several times.

Anyway, I feel there is too much promise in the Twisted platform to let a
few good examples scare alot of potential users away. I'm still working on a
test-implementation of a webserver which hopefully will be easy enough to
understand and deploy, extend and customize, written in a Twisted-way.

Anyway, I'm going to ask again; any example, small and simple, showing how
to implement a webserver serving static content *and* dynamic pages, not
static pages like Issues or Bannerfish, using woven-forms and
user-authentication, in a Twisted-compatible manner would be appreciated. If
I'm the only one feeling this way, I'll shut up, dive into the docs again,
try some more and keep silent while doing so. Hopefully I'll be able to
learn Twisted and contribute something, not just nag, to a dedicated group
of developers.

Now, I have to go get 3-4 hours of sleep before going to work. Thank your
for your interest.

PS! An early version of my test-web-server is still available at
.zip and I'm still hoping for comments.

Best regards,
Thomas W

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