[Twisted-Python] New TwistedMatrix WebSite - wainting for comments

Thomas Weholt 2002 at weholt.org
Wed Jul 9 13:51:50 EDT 2003

Very nice!! But it says it's powered by Twisted and Plone? Isn't Plone a
Zope-product? How??  Is there something I don't know here .... ??


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Subject: [Twisted-Python] New TwistedMatrix WebSite - wainting for comments

> Hi all
> we spoke last month about the twistedmatrix website. It has a great
> advantage : it demonstrates that twisted.web works for a production
> server.
> Besides, TwistedMatrix popularity grows day by day, and I think we need
> a different approach. The mailing list should be only used by
> developers, or developments related to twisted.
> I propose you a brand new website based on plone which would help to
> create a bigger and more reactive community. I've started developing
> one.
> Only the products links are available, but you can already register and
> log in to add some content. For those who are using mozilla > 1.3.1 or
> IE > 5.5, you will enjoy Epoz (select it from preferences/wysiwyg
> editor). Epoz allows you to manage content with a wysiwyg editor whitout
> any plugin.
> Feel free to send some comments.
> adress :
> http://twistedmatrix.dyndns.org
> I you like it, I would be proud to give to source code so that you can
> host the REAL website (I can't here).
> (glyph, email me personnaly if you want an admin access to test
> workflows)
> Philippe
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