[Twisted-Python] Arbitrary Port/Connector objects

Kevin Turner acapnotic at twistedmatrix.com
Thu Jan 30 06:47:14 EST 2003

A few comments made by other people on IRC that I want to make sure are
archived somewhere, because maybe they things I've seen while trying to
clean up freshcvs persistability recently.  The context is a discussion
of exarkun's upcoming patch, based on the one in the start of this

<glyph> exarkun: listenWith ought to say something about the
persistability of the IListeningPort being passed in.
<exarkun> glyph: it's taking a class/type - those should always be
persistable, yea?
<glyph> exarkun: Not necessarily; sockets aren't persistable, so it's
easy to screw up a ListeningPort instance :-)
<exarkun> Ahh, hmm
<glyph> oh wait, hang on, you're right ...
<glyph> This illustrates a serious flaw in the design of Application :-\
<glyph> or well, not serious, but annoying.
<glyph> Really we ought not be storing constructor arguments, we should
be storing state objects.
 * exarkun nods, "That would be better."
<glyph> That's the way it started out, but when the reactor refactor
happened this didn't get cleaned up like it should have.

(Some settling may have occurred during transcription.)

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